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Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest in our company’s products.

We have a considerable experience and tradition in production and research and development of technical ceramics. This enables us to face your needs confidently, trying to do our best in fulfilling your requests.

Our vision: 
„To deliver different ceramic compositions and technologies suitable for your needs”
„To respect our customers and to provide them with quality guarantees for our products”
                                     Prof. Dr. eng. Fazakas József                                              manager


Main products

Chemi Ceramic F Ltd. has been producing technical ceramic products since 1992, these finding their application in:
    - electrical industry
    - chemical industry
    - industry of refractory products
    - metallurgy and machinery
    - textile industry
    - horticulture
    - constructions: floor tiles made of composite ceramics and wood


Quality is our main target. Total quality management – TQM – is implemented in technology, staff attitude, fulfilment of customer’s requests, continuous improvement of both product and service quality.
Compliance with EU norms is one of our main objectives.
 Even if our company is a small one, management is based on JIT (Just in Time) system

     Management system certified 

ISO 9001:2008/SR EN ISO 9001:2008


Technical ceramics, electrically insulating ceramics, refractory products, ceramics for the chemical industry, wire leaders, porous ceramics, alumina-based ceramics, cordierite-containing ceramics, catalyst supports, nutritive porous ceramics for plants.  


About us

CHEMI CERAMIC F LTD was established in Sfantu Gheorghe in 1992, the main objective of the company being research and development and production of TECHNICAL CERAMICS in various oxide compositions, with applications in different industrial fields. In addition, our activities also include research and development in the field of natural sciences and engineering, as well as related technical consultancy. Research and development is carried out in collaboration with universities and research institutes. 
    We have a more than 20 years’ experience in this field, which has been certified during the past years by several national awards obtained in annual evaluation of private companies as well as positive feedbacks of our customers. 
    The whole staff of the company is devoted to quality and development of new, high-quality, reliable products.



Astra Rail Industrie Arad

Dalkia Termo SA Iași

Electrotermometria SA Paşcani

Elfin Prodserv SRL Turda


Izobrid Grup SRL Brașov

Metalul Meso SA Salonta

Nitech SRL București

Oportun Service SRL Brașov

Plasticos Prod SRL Brașov

Prisma Info SRL Târgu Mureș

Refarom SA Brașov

Relee SA Mediaș

Remat SA Brașov

Termoprecizia Pașcani

Turbomecanica SA București

Uniropa SRL Turda

Unitech SRL Satu Mare

UTTIS Industries Ilfov

 Valdek Impex SRL Sf. Gheorghe

Lénárt és Társa Kft.  -  Hungary

Mineralien Werke - Germany

Refrasystem Kft. – Hungary

Spitzer GmbH – Germany




RO 520036 Sfântu Gheorghe, jud. Covasna

str. Ciucului nr. 163

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tel/fax  +40-267-352 441;

mobil +40-745-350 826; +40-741-171 490

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